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When I wrote this site about a year ago I was trying to accomplish three things.

I think were I writing it now I would change the title slightly. I have never been a fan of jingoistic films, be they British, German, American or whatever. So maybe a title which reflects a wish for entertainment without prejudice, patriotism without exclusion.

I feel that Hollywood has a right to make money, that is after all the point, but they also have a duty not to perpetuate untruths,  prejudice and national stereotypes.  I have heard it said that the Germans the English and the Arabs are the only national groups which Hollywood feels able to cast as the perennial bad guys. At least we are the least likely to sue!

I was considering taking the site down following the demise of the forum (thanks Pro-boards) but I have decided to keep it going as most of the comments were pretty enlightening not to mention worrying. It seems that many people from both sides of the Atlantic take the Hollywood version as the truth.

Reason enough to maintain the site.

Some of the films which I feel have been the worst offenders:

Operation Burma, Made just after the war it starred Errol Flynn and was banned originally in Britain for implying that America won the war in Burma.

Last of the Mohicans J. Fennimore Cooper's book given the Hollywood treatment even went to the trouble of making the French look good!

U-571 Described the 'American' Capture of the German 'enigma' as a major breakthrough despite the fact it was the Royal Navy which did this.

Titanic Showed a Scottish purser shooting passengers and generally being a coward, in real life he was a hero.

Braveheart Only aimed at the English this but still massively incorrect.

Patriot Loosely based on British Colonel Banastre Tarleton. This film took so many liberties with the truth that I could not list them here. In a bizarre twist  Mel Gibson, the producer/star of both this and Braveheart campaigned in Australia to keep the British monarchy as head of state. 

Americans tend to say that Hollywood is just fantasy, should be taken as such and that the we should get a life but what do you think:


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Some Links

Patriot resource site.     The official site which actually tries some objectivity.

Cross Of St George Nice site on a similar theme but devoted more to the English

Capture of the Enigma A site dedicated to the subject with alot of interesting facts.









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